May 26 2017

More Flash Fiction – Some Six-Word Stories

I follow an account on Twitter that provides daily six-word story prompts. The account name is and its handle is @WriterlyTweets. I like doing these micro flash fiction stories, as some writers might call them, because it’s challenging to come up with a unique, cohesive short-short-short story. I like to force myself to think outside the box and not go for the obvious. For example, one of the recent prompts asked for a story about a swarm. For many people, that immediately conjures an image of an onslaught of bees or other flying, stinging insects. I wanted to write about something unconventional that can swarm, so that’s why I went with the Elvis fans story.

Anyway, from time to time I’ll be curating collections of these stories and posting them here on my blog. I highly recommend giving it a shot yourself. It can be addictive and it’s a fun brain-tease that keeps the creative juices flowing. Here is my most recent collection from the past couple of weeks. The prompt I responded to is underneath each of my stories.

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