June 6 2016


Janice Leagra is a graduate of Rutgers University with a BA in English. She has worked in the fields of information technology, health care communications, and education.

She has always loved writing and editing.  She enjoys writing creative nonfiction and short stories, and is beginning to dabble in poetry writing. She began honing her talent for editing when she worked as a middle school English teacher.

Janice is a voracious reader of many different genres, but is particularly fond of mysteries. She is also intrigued by books about other writers and their perspectives on the craft.

Janice’s other interests include traveling, world events and cultures, learning new languages, WWII history and 1940s culture, watching British TV and classic films, family history research, gardening, and just about anything to do with British history and pop culture.

She lives with her family in central North Carolina.