Still Going

I started the day ready to withdraw from school and trying to figure out ways to be like one of those 19th or 20th century people who up and leave to go somewhere beautiful for a few months to heal their soul and feel human again. I didn’t withdraw from school. I got my assigmentsRead moreRead more

A Place I’ve Never Been to That Feels Like Home

This delightful place came to my attention through a friend who has a piece of writing featured in its first publication, Forecast. I would love to have a personal retreat there, stay in one of the cabins in this farm by the sea, enjoy the air, the view, the farm life, the peace. Just be.Read moreRead more

Alan Watts – Falling In Love

Who Are You?

Who are you and why and how? There isn’t a soul on this earth who knows who I am or how I came to be me. It’s amazing how you can spend decades living with other humans, touching them, letting them touch you, some quite intimately and they’ve still no clue who you really are,Read moreRead more

That Day

I’ll never forget that day – what you said, how you said it, how it made me feel. It was when I realized that somewhere along the line you’d lost respect for me. Or maybe it had never been there. Other factors have come to light to suggest that’s the more likely case. I can’tRead moreRead more